Terms Of Service

You may only become a Member if you are eighteen (18) or older. You do not have an automatic entitlement to an ECUSA membership and ECUSA may, at its sole discretion, elect to refuse your request to become a member or once membership is granted, suspend, terminate or restrict your membership at any time. Your Membership is non-transferable. Applications to ECUSA membership shall be processed within two weeks resulting in admission to membership or rejection. ECUSA will notify in writing all applicants about their admission to membership or rejection Based on the Society’s Bylaws, each member shall pay an annual subscription fee. The first subscription fee shall be paid to activate ECUSA membership, and subsequent fees will be due on the 13th month past after the last fee payment was effective, and paid no later than the last day of the aforementioned month. Annual Membership Fee amount is determined by the ECUSA Board of Directors and can be subject to change at ECUSA sole discretion. Failure to pay the determined fees could result membership termination. Payments of membership fees to the society’s bank account should be identified using the membership number (exclusively) under reference. You must notify ECUSA in writing as soon as you become aware of any unauthorized use of your ECUSA membership.